Speed Measuring Equipment

The VASCAR and VASCAR V Plus are the ultimate in speed measuring and moving violation equipment.


The VASCAR is designed to record the DISTANCE travelled by a vehicle and the TIME taken to cover that DISTANCE. It then computes the AVERAGE SPEED of that vehicle over the measured DISTANCE.


  • The MOST accurate and versatile system for checking speeding offences and enforcing speed limits under varying conditions.

  • Increases the efficiency of the Police Officer - it does not interfere at all with normal Patrol duties.

  • Provides precise measurement of DISTANCES from 1 meter to approximately 100 Kilometers. Produces clear and unequivocal evidence of speeding offences.


  • Makes speedometer pacing obsolete and reduces the need for dangerous high speed chases.

  • Facilitates exact pin-pointing of accident locations, measuring of skid marks, journey and route planning.

  • Measures TIME to 0.01 seconds for vehicle gap measurement and up to 9999 Hours for journey planning.

  • The simple controls and drills are quickly mastered in a short training program. Accurate and successful use calls only for practice in selection of suitable reference points. Depth perception and parallax do not apply, and reaction time is not a significant factor.

  • Calibrated electronic speedometer mode.

  • Allows cumulative TIME and DISTANCE measurement for route planning.

  • Instant speed measurement is possible by co-axial cables and/or pneumatic tubing across the road with different pulse amplifiers.

 Spare parts availability guaranteed for 10 years.



Everything that the VASCAR does plus. Whatever the operator can see so can the V Plus system and may be recorded. All types of moving violations, not just speed measurement. The ONLY system that does it all.

The LIDAR  STALKER, the world's largest and best manufacturer of  speed measuring lidar.
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