Company Profile

At Signal Systems we manufacture emergency audiovisual warning equipment, Public Address systems, Vascar and Vascar V Plus speed and moving violation systems, as well as Red Phase CCTV systems. We are associated with TLEE, an BEE company who are official Distributors for 911EP L.E.D systems, the best available. We are also associated with STALKER, the world's best and largest manufacturer of Lidar and Radar equipment. We are also the holder of various agencies including GROTE Safety Systems. Signal Systems is also an appointed applicator and designer for 3M reflective material.

Founded in 1980 and initially manufacturing mobile siren systems only. At that time we already started manufacturing the most powerful sirens that were available; we still do. Signal Systems was the first South African based company to manufacture it's own lightbar, specifically intended for the local market. The Star*Sonic range is an innovative design with the emphasis on quality, reliability, the basis of simplicity and low fuel consumption.
This system is arranged to produce a synchronised flash effect to provide 360 degree protection. Today we still manufacture the Star*Sonic range, although with huge advancements in technology. Our siren systems are still the most powerful, compact, reliable and remote-controlled. Our commitment to our customers is to ensure that all their expectations are well and truly exceeded.
Our main focus today is to supply our customers with all their needs; from start to finish. Our three-year warranty is in line with all vehicle's OEM's. We guarantee our customers total satisfaction.

Our Mission

Signal Systems' mission is to be one of the leading manufacturer's, marketers and service providers in our selected industry worldwide. We are committed to exceeding our customers expectations through a focused program of development, technology and market response to a demand for our services and products. To be able to give our expertise to one and all regarding Public Safety with the emphasis on moving violations and officer safety.


Member of the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, listed with the Department of Trade & Industry. Member of the Institute of Traffic Police Officers of Southern Africa. One of the founder member/manufacturer of the TCSP. Associate member of the South African Police Highway Safety Unit. Signal Systems is proud to have the status of being 'PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN'.


With new developments in the world-wide industry taking place daily, we have also started looking at utilising new materials in and on our Star*Sonic systems. Therefore, look forward to seeing a new 'Star' on the market. Among the new items includes the parabolic reflector, manufactured from a new material, giving better light, more impact, more brightness, increased life and reliability. A newly designed speaker housing for even better sound penetration of the best system in production is also being worked on.

New Products

Check out our section on New Products. Strobes are no longer expensive and yet more effective than ever. The latest in technology is LED products; check out what is available, it is astounding.

Our Motto

Our Motto is "YOUR SAFETY, OUR PRIORITY", as no emergency vehicle or equipment can ever stand-down, being faulty or inoperative. The quality of our equipment and the service as well as back-up you receive will always be the very best.
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