Beacons and other Light Systems

Sirius RTW

An emergency rotating light for mobile and stationary use

The ArrowHead Light System

South Africa's own design. Five pods, lightweight, various configurations.



Universal Strobe System - Quad flash, 20 joule  per head output. Nobody can beat this.

Dual Strobe Head

For motorcycles, cars, fire apparatus and more.

Single Strobe Head

Single strobe head, small enough to be mounted anywhere with power to still protect.
Strobe Beacon 12 joule output.
Quartz Halogen New style magnetic rotating beacon.
Minibar Quartz Halogen minibar using combination magnetic suction cup mounting.
Maximum width: 125mm

Overall Height, without magnetic base:  133mm

Overall Height, with magnetic base: 139mm

Dome Height: 96mm Weight, permanent mount (Single M8 bolt): 550grams

Weight, magnetic mount: 1,2Kg
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